Sunday, April 1, 2007

Qin Ming

Woke up early, went to Mandi for Qin Ming... Mother bought a few stuff for dad. We got him beer too.

After the session, we went home. Feeling tired, went for a nap.
Met up with Amose and Melvin at Orchard. Amose was hungry so we company him for snack/dinner. Willie joined us later at Nee Ann City. We went G Star to look at the new stuff. The sales girl told me there had a 20% special for the event yesterday! Agrrr, I wasn't there! Dam it. I was eyeing on a pair of "core-sec" again. I tired it on and fits so nicely on me! HIAZZ no money to get it kinda of sad. Well this time Melvin got a pair "96" for himself. Nice wash. I used my "account" and he got a 10% off for that pair. Not too bad ya..

After the shopping we went to Wisma food court, Jacky joined us there. Well good to see him ya. Went StarBucks for drinks...

Today, a tiring day. However, you made my day "HAPPY". Really you did.
Thank you :)

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