Thursday, November 30, 2006


Dinner at Cityhall with Jermery and Amose at Cityhall area. Went Marina Square, walked around... Nothing much just some catching up.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Arena Sale

Today, RUSH down to Arena WareHouse at Henderson Industrial Park. Nothing much... Left with Odd Sizes.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We had dinner at my fav Japanese Restaurant. Very Full now... hahaha

Well, to those who are interested in people privacy or put it in local term "KPO" or 38, please move on and get a life. Life is happier if you do something meaningful rather then gossiping about others!

Nice to have u

Hey well, Nice to have you guys around. You know who you are and those not in my list Please don't think too highly about yourself. Hahah. Cos' I don't care anymore ya. I need to move on and i have life ya.

Thank You guys!


站在十字路的交点, 该怎么走 ?
该怎么走 我却只剩回头
除了你给的伞我再也没有 别的借口 去拥有你的什么
你能体谅 我有雨天 偶尔胆怯 你都了解
过去那些大雨落下的瞬间, 我突然发现 谁能体谅 我的雨天 所以情愿回你身边
此刻脚步 会慢一些 如此坚决 你却越来越远

谁能体谅 我的雨天 ...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

BORING Sunday.

Stayed at home whole day. Bored. ill mood.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sunny Saturday Morning

The Island Resort

Good day! Sunny yeh!

Went Sentosa with Jacky, Melvin, Derrick and Bao Wei. Chill out at the beach. Derrick made us some sandwiches ( too delicious that we don't have enough hehehe). We spent an afternoon there. "BBQing" ourselves under the scotching hot sun!

Enjoyed myself!

Went Marina Square for dinner again! Had M.O.F again... Melvin got his M.O.F discount card. Melvin said he wanted to eat over there. Ended up eating at the same place. I had sesame ice cream the dessert.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Was raining the whole day. Planned to go for choice but to cancel it.

Last mintue Eric and GG decide to meet for dinner at Marina Square. Long time did not see Eric still the same. Heard from Eric, his mum is ok now. Good to hear that :) Eric found a new job starting next week.

We had our dinner at M.O.F. Guess I took too much rice, now not feeling well.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today planned to swim at 9, but ended up waking up at 10. I gave it a miss cos, I would be meeting Jacky, Melvin and Edward at Bugis for lunch. Melvin was busy this afternoon. We thought we are going to be late for the lunch appointment, but ended up walking around the mall, waiting for mel. He was held up by loads of work hope he can cope well.

After Lunch, we walked to Raffles Hospital. Jacky did his check up and Mel returned to his office and continue his hectic work.

It started to rain in the late afternoon. We proceeded to Orchard Road—a better place to shop. Fortunately, the rain stopped when we were there. We went to Hereen as Jacky would like to spend the voucher he received fr G G. He got a Addidas Singlet and a Harvana flipflops (white! So nice @@)

Saw A watch from Anges B, I want it!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fair Price shopping

Lunch with Josie at S11 Bishan. Had Prawn Mee. After that we head to NTUC Fair Price for grocery shopping. Well we spend a A LOT this time. About $100 plus! Hahaha just some food stuff and drinks. We had to take cab back, because all the groceries are really HEAVY!

Evening Meet up with Jacky and Melvin at PS. We had Mac for dinner, run out of idea what to eat.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Another tired gym session. Today only Jacky and I went to the gym. At the gym, we saw this regular guy with a "Den Tai" hairstyle, (hHAHAH Where is the Fashion police?!!) Jacky commented that he has a 3D head but 2D body, look like Media Corp artiste, Xiang Yun in Qi Yue ge Tai!. (very mean ya, but I like it ha ha ha! )

Melvin was not able to join us because today is a new chapter to his career. Today is his first day of work as a operation exec. A big change fr his previous job (previous job as a researcher). Derrick on the other hand is on duty travel at Batam, wondering what he is doing now. Must be watching TV hahaha.

After the gym session, we went to the usual coffee shop we hang around fo dinner. Melvin joined us at the coffee shop for a drink.

Today is Melvin's first day for his new job. Melvin Work hard man! Good luck.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Jacky. Here we go, "Happy Birthday to you. You are born in the zoo... Lah lah lah... hehehe"

Had a Nice dinner at "BAN LEONG". We had Chilli Crab, chicken wings, deer meat, Prawn Tou Fu in hot-plate, fried vege, pork chop. WOW Nice nice! YUMMY!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

House of Horror. FEED ME. FEED me!

I am getting ready for the show. "The Little House Of Horror". Show staring at 8. Will be heading out to town at 5plus to meet Jacky for dinner.
Well, Golden question... What to wear? hahahahaha I hate this question.

Don't feed the plant.

Happy birthday. Strawberry cake.

Went Orchard with jacky. We only have 30mins to get a cake and my cardigan. Got a Topman Voucher from Melvin, however is already expire! Agrr... can't get any of the cardigan. Well for Zara Cardigan is nice and soft but is so expensive, cost almost $120. Never get any of it. End up feeling a bit unhappy cos I cannot afford any of it. Sad but true.

Went Jacky's place. We had diner at his place and with a cake cutting session. With some of the kids running around. Ian, Stewart and Fion running around. Our Beatrice (BB) was busy crawling around the house in a very very fast paced. Thank god the cake didn't get smash! hahaha

New Car

Hey hey, met up with Elki and Melvin at Bishan for lunch. Melvin drove a new family car... He need to buy ironing board :)
Jacky join us after lunch.

Nice car ya.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Nice songs

Well. here is another guy I like. check him out. Nice songs. <将军令> by 吴克群

Thursday, November 16, 2006

lousy weather

Another warm day. Sunny and nice... BUT suddenly dark and cloudy... The rain visited my place briefly and the sun returned shortly after that. Well met up Jacky for tea Break at Mac and someone LS... (hehehee)

Evening, met up with Melvin, Edward, Rachel and Yati. We had Sushi at the Herren. Not too bad.
Chat Chat and chat hahaha

Not too sure about Zoukout this year.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Work it.

Yo, another gym day. met the usual gang for a KILLER workout session at Gym. Melvin was early today, he said he saw lots of eye candy. As he claimed he ran more than 5 km.
Jacky and I do our arms, while Derrick came in at around 7pm.

After shower, today we head to the another coffee shop for Kuay Chap. Rachel joined us in awhile. Well wanted something more meat, however, the guy who "cook" it always "DEAF". Give me the wrong stuff. I HATE intestines.

Hahaha saw a 'YJ' wearing "low chest" shirt. as usual. lol. Well some people trying very hard to show off his chest. (mean again). We talked about gym in Planet Suntec. Miss those days doing Body Combat ya... side kick... side kick. combat stand. hehehehe

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hair Cut

Time of the month. Hair cut time :) Jacky and I went to Raymond's place at around 1120. Planning to be his 1st customer but... We are not hahahaha. As usual short short.

After that we drive around try to find a place to have our lunch. Finally we settle at Thomason area again. Noodle. Not full.
Well jacky brought me to the new Mac at AMK Park. Nice outlet. We did a few test there... Spelling ones and digrams...
"hehehe" the sound i made while doing those test... "like a mad man" hahaha this is what Jacky told me...

Well dinner time I looked for Orchard Road. Went shopping for someone "special" well Got the gift. No going to say what's that... till weekend. Yeh. Cost a Bomb OK! :P

Monday, November 13, 2006

White teeth

Well well, NO CAFFDINE, No carbon water... well our vain pot said tat. cos he need to do teeth whiting tonight. Hahaha. Well so we end up at MOS Burger for his fav milk shake. hahaha No way man... no tea for 2weeks?! wow!

Chat chat...38...38... all night :P

Fair Price

Bought a few food stuff at Fair Price before heading to gym ya. Feeling tired. However, Derrick was slightly early today...

Yo. Monday, as usual gym time. Well. Just did toning. Nothing heavy.

After gym, we meet Melvin at Bishan. Went S11 For dinner. Saw Ang (my 24) friend. WOW Long time no see man. Hahaha seem u "grow" so big now ya. hehehe. Well kinda of miss u guys in 24 ya!.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunny Sunday Morning

Rick sms me in he morning asking me to pool. Well was not well for so many days, decided to head to pool with him. Well as usual, Sunday will be a family day for most and very very crowded. No place for my laps. even the "continous" lap was so packed.
At pool saw many familar faces. Saw Melvin's "good friend" there with lots of WHITE hair. I am surprise, with such a "personality" he will allow others to see him with so much white hair, I am shocked.
Anyway, left pool and head home for lunch.

Evening plan was cancel. Our poor melvin is sick this time... sowe have to cancel and go without him ya... (LOL. joking la)

快樂 is in your mind

From J... He said 快樂 is in ur mind, well Kinda of agree.

So I want say, "我要快樂"!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today started lousy... Plan to swim but end up "trap" at Bishan Pool for about 2hours! RAIN AND RAIN. Really pissed. End up no swim no tan. Felt lousy.

Evening meet Jacky for dinner. (No place to go as usual) End up at Thomson Plaza eating KFC! Hiazzz.
Cough...還沒好!!!!!!! Cough...還沒好Cough...還沒好Cough...還沒好Cough...還沒好Cough...還沒好 I hate it.
Feeling angry... not happy.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Saw COCO's album. I guess time to get hers. How can I forget about her! agrr...

Well, just back from gym at Bishan. Still having cough! cough...cough...cough. When would I be a healthy boy??!! hahahaha.
Had a good chat with jacky and melvin...

Well just updated my Mac MSN. Now Mac version have the "live" msn... well I guess it still can't cam like PC... (LOUSY).

Hello guys:)

Hello, Finally I decided to write some stuff here hahaha. So lazy all this while. Well was been sick for nearly a week. Down with flu. Hate falling sick. Well was feelin ok on wed, so decided to go zouk. Who know's I feelin ill again (Ask for it ya.) hiazz. Well hope to get well soon!!!!!!!!!!