Monday, November 20, 2006


Another tired gym session. Today only Jacky and I went to the gym. At the gym, we saw this regular guy with a "Den Tai" hairstyle, (hHAHAH Where is the Fashion police?!!) Jacky commented that he has a 3D head but 2D body, look like Media Corp artiste, Xiang Yun in Qi Yue ge Tai!. (very mean ya, but I like it ha ha ha! )

Melvin was not able to join us because today is a new chapter to his career. Today is his first day of work as a operation exec. A big change fr his previous job (previous job as a researcher). Derrick on the other hand is on duty travel at Batam, wondering what he is doing now. Must be watching TV hahaha.

After the gym session, we went to the usual coffee shop we hang around fo dinner. Melvin joined us at the coffee shop for a drink.

Today is Melvin's first day for his new job. Melvin Work hard man! Good luck.

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