Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Work it.

Yo, another gym day. met the usual gang for a KILLER workout session at Gym. Melvin was early today, he said he saw lots of eye candy. As he claimed he ran more than 5 km.
Jacky and I do our arms, while Derrick came in at around 7pm.

After shower, today we head to the another coffee shop for Kuay Chap. Rachel joined us in awhile. Well wanted something more meat, however, the guy who "cook" it always "DEAF". Give me the wrong stuff. I HATE intestines.

Hahaha saw a 'YJ' wearing "low chest" shirt. as usual. lol. Well some people trying very hard to show off his chest. (mean again). We talked about gym in Planet Suntec. Miss those days doing Body Combat ya... side kick... side kick. combat stand. hehehehe

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