Saturday, January 27, 2007

some thought

All along I know you love me alot... However, some stuff happened.. Is like a snow ball effect... it just "add on" day by day... year by year. One day I might not able to handle it anymore... I am worried. In my life, too many things to worry for. Family, my carrer, love.. even freinds.. and more... I just wish there is a torch which show me a way.. lead me to where I think I can "grow"...

You told me, a healthy life starts with a healthy habit" I listen. I try.. please give me more time... Sorry for all the nosense.

But somehow I still felt I am all alone... facing all these...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Coffee time

Met up with Edward and Amose for coffee... After that went Far East for window shopping. Saw a pair jeans nice nice! Nice teess

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oakley broke!

After meeting up with "old" friends. Meet up with Eric and Marcus.. we went powerhouse.. Cos Sam's Birthday...

End of the Night stupid Chris broke my Oakely!... now need to sent to repair. Is really a new pair only a month plus old... angry..

Sam's Birthday

Here is Sam and me. Derrick, Amose... and friends...

Meet up with Classmatessss and old friendsss

Today I decided to meet up with Miss Goh, Stong (mum) and Douglas at Pargon... We had not see each other like yearsss i mean really really sometime. Hahaha Miss Goh "changed so so much. Now i guess she is better... interms of out look. hahaha. Our dear Max was not around. Wondering how and what he is doing now after he is back from New Zealand.

After 6plus Douglas need to go back, cos he is having dinner with his wife and kids. Tlak about kids, he already a father of TWO! wow thats fast, a girl and a boy... cute.

We had dinner at a shu shi place at Herren. Was simple and fun day... Well we chatted about our life... love... work.. passion... graphic.. seem Graphic most of us had lost some of the passion... Maybe that's real working life in Singapore... sad but true...

We took some pic.. most of it with my Stong MUM... hahaha

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Today, Jacky and I decided to go to the Tampanies IKEA. Is a long drive from my place to the new IKEA. W
The place is BIG, just like those Big mall oversea. The signages are cute and nice. Wanted to get some new sheets and curtins but nothing new and nice... wanted to "custom made" one.. planning.

After the IKEA, we drove back to town. We had dinner at "OFTP". We lookedfor Amose there. I had my fav beef Crepee. Melvin joined us for dinner later part...(a last min thing). By the time melvin reached we finished our food, so we had tea while melvin eats hehehhee

We Head back to town after that.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Today is my gym session with Jacky and Melvin.
Before going gym, Jacky suggest to go AMK hub to take a look. The place is not ready but FairPrice already doing business hahahaa. Can't wait to start hahhaa. Everywhere is not ready... Especialy the underpass to the MRT station. That the most I am looking forward to instead.

After gym, as uaual we had our dinner at S11. Had western tonight. Tomorrow will be heading to an interview...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

rain and rain... sickening!

Don't feel good.

Lots of things happened. sain! sick! tired!... nothingto look forward to... hate it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Outing pics

Went for interview... Eveing meet up with Zi rong at Plaza Sing.

Jacky and Adrick meet up with us after their stuff... we had drink at MOS... chatted and tried out the video call... all of us so "mountain Totise" hahaha.. something new to us

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Slept for only 4hour plus. Cos was rushing some work for Willie for his "ELEFANT" flim project. Finally was done with my "FINAL ARTWORK", burn into CD and ready to go.

This morning met Weillie at Little India MRT we walk to this place call ParkLane to print his "movie" poster and flyers. We are busy testing out colours and doing final ajustment for everything. I brough my iBook along (just incase), it was so so heavy! My shoulder and warist nearly "broke" for carrying it around (no place for me to put the baby down! agrrr).

The poster turn out to be nice. Can't wait to get one copy for myself! yeh! hahaha

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Elki

Today is Elki's Birthday! Happy Birthday to you man!

Melvin and I meet up with Elki for tea and dinner. Walked around in Orchard and had dinner at a Hong Kong style eating house at Nee Ann City. I had fried rice with prawn, bbq pork and "salted" egg york. YUMMY!

After dinner went for a coffee "chit chat" session. Guess Elki is tired, hahaha after his "wild" night birthday eve yesterday hahaha.
We enjoyed our night! Elki, will get your present next week ya. hehehe...

Saturday, January 6, 2007

MOB! agrrrrr....

Early in the morning got a call from Sgt Tong (line sgt), "hey I will be outside if call up, please let me know ya." Cos' I am his IC! Hate it. I had been MOB area IC for so many years! They never even bother to get others or even take turn in the list! Those people i (regular at the HQ giving us so many excuses why they can't let others take turn)... Excuses after excuses... wonder how they can manage if they working in the outside world... I really pity them man...

Anyway, waited untill 215pm. no recall, so went swimming with Jacky. reached pool around 245, Chillout at the pool till 445pm. We went for a bite at MOS Burger. Before meeting up with Melvin and Youg Ming, I went down to Plaza Sin to collect my mobile for "software upgrade". Waited for arond 30mins before I got my handphone.

We wanted to try this Japanaese resturant at the StarHub Centre, but need to wait for 30 to 45 mins. Before Dinner went to CentrePoint to take a look at their "new Wing". Small but nice place.

We had our dinner only after 9pm!!!!!!!!! Long wait! Hungry! Food not bad.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Work out.

Met jacky for gym session.

Took out my full pack... stand by for MOB tomorrow. Hopefully nothing... hahaha

Thursday, January 4, 2007


Today Alvin called asking any plan... so decided to meet up with him Realy long long time never meet up for coffee or dinner. I asked Edward along, cos he didn't have "chance" to meet up with our dear Alvin...

As usual, dear Alvin was a bit late (but still ok la)... met up at Orchard MRT station than we "move out" from there.
Later part, Melvin joined us for dinner at "Food Republic". Nothing much just some chit chat. Went to Kiehl's to get Melvin's face-wash. End up at Spin for my ice tea.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sleep sleep...

Slept till 12 plus. Had lunch... and sleepy again...

Monday, January 1, 2007


After having my lunch, went to Jacky' place for car wash. We washed the van first but there were too many stubborn dirt that sticks to the surface. Need to was it under the hot sun. even the polish cant remove the dirt that were the residual of some plant or birds droppings.Then Jacky's mother uses nail polish remover and managed to removed all the stubborn dirts. We were very tired after we were done with the van, and proud that the effort pays as the van has regained its lost Shine.
So tiring cos after polishing the van. hahaha.

Evening met up with Melvin, Derrick and Jacky for dinner nearby my place—new Mac house at the park! yeh! After dinner we went drinking ... met up with Edward, william (ed's friend) and Amose. Saw Larry and some other guys...