Monday, January 1, 2007


After having my lunch, went to Jacky' place for car wash. We washed the van first but there were too many stubborn dirt that sticks to the surface. Need to was it under the hot sun. even the polish cant remove the dirt that were the residual of some plant or birds droppings.Then Jacky's mother uses nail polish remover and managed to removed all the stubborn dirts. We were very tired after we were done with the van, and proud that the effort pays as the van has regained its lost Shine.
So tiring cos after polishing the van. hahaha.

Evening met up with Melvin, Derrick and Jacky for dinner nearby my place—new Mac house at the park! yeh! After dinner we went drinking ... met up with Edward, william (ed's friend) and Amose. Saw Larry and some other guys...

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