Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The September Issue: Documentary on Vogue

Wacthed "The September Issue" last Sat with Melvin and Jacky. Saw Some friends at BAZZAR before the show... NIce seeing u guys! Ali, Winnie, Jack!

Anna Wintour, VOUGE US
She wields considerable influence over American fashion. Runway shows don't start until she arrives. Designers succeed because she anoints them. Trends are created or crippled on her command. Despite her reputation for being icy and inscrutable, despite the severe perfection of her hairstyle and wardrobe, Wintour has taken it upon herself to act as something of a den mother to fledgling designers and worthy causes.

Love Grace Coddington ( the red haired lady )! Amazing fashion director of US Vogue

"Well, it's very much the inside workings of the magazine - how we put an issue together, the hard work that it takes, the creativity, you know, the heartache and the successes. I think the September issue is really a benchmark for the industry so to see how it's put together is obviously for us very special and we hope for the viewers," Wintour said.

Guys catch it before is gone.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Again...

Summer is going to end soon...

Welcome to FALL! another shopping spree again...

photo credit: Elissa Wiehn

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mobile die

After lunch my SAMSUNG die! Can't read SMS, can't return call, can't dial out...