Monday, June 30, 2008

BIG Brands! marrying...

So many collaboration going on. Louis Vuitton, the French luxury brand and COMME des Garcons by Rei Kawaknbo, the fashion rebel decided to "marry" for 3 months and open a store in September 2008 at Tokyo.

From some fashion news, Kawaknbo has re-design the entire COMME des Garcons store on Kottodori, Omotesando for LV project. LV is investing in the store and that will share the profits (news from LV).

Well, I guess this will be a interesting, wonderful and money making off those FASHION VICTIMS! hahaha. However, I am keen to see what they will come out with this time. For fashion "follower" save up for the 6 limited Edition bag. (I think for girls, not too sure).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajyuku...

Today met up with Emily for lunch at town. She missed my drinking session on my birthday, cos she was at Tokyo.

Well is really nice to meet up with her again, after so long. Had a long chat. Talk for nearly 4 hours non stop hahaha. Kinda tired. She shared some tips on Tokyo this season, hopefully I can go this July. Emily said the Chinese guide book I got is better than the English one. I guess Asian loves this city. Fashion industry is so so vibrant there! Been there, but... still not too sure hows the subway and JR line works. I am really slow in this. hahahaa. One thing I know is, it sure cost me a bomb!

This time rough will want to spend more time at Harajuku and Aoyama. Of cos planning to go to "Midtown" to visit 21 21 DESIGN SIGHT. So excited, can't wait to fly there.

Bump into Joshua di di at Orchard again. Walked around and chat awhile before I travel up north to meet Jacky for dinner.

Dinner at Mac.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Dinner, Italian style

Had booked a table at PERGO for my birthday dinner with Jacky. Just wanted to bring Jacky there because was my "childhood" eating place. I decided to buy him. (just that you always wanted to see what's this place.hahaha)

Nothing really changed for all this years - interior wise, however number of service staff drop and uniform changed. We had Pergo Salad (Jacky don;t really like it) and soup for a start. For main He had a pasta, I had a pork loin. Just want to eat PORK! hahaha. A table of 8 sang birthday song, a young boy having birthday dinner. Felt kind of envy, at such young age people pamper him and of cos with daddy and mummy around to celebrate. Nice and warm ya. Dinner was normal, just not as excited when younger. Think about it, I am no longer young...

After a over priced pasta and dry pork, we walk around the mall and drove to East Coast. Parked at my another childhood "big Splash" we had STARBUCKS. I had a hot green tea latte, Jacky had a mango freeze. WOW I seem to be a older one drinking hot drinks hahaha. And again here with a "new" group of strangers celebrating her birthday at STARBUCKS! Again birthday song!

Began to wonder, past few years no one really sing so loud and celebrate... why this year I met so many groups? :)
I had a dream, will it come true? In my dream, at least we will be happy and ever.

Anyway, simple and a nice night out. Thank. I am contented too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thank guys!

Decided to meet up with my good buddies at SPHM, met up with Bernard and Jiayin at Orchard, around 3pm. We went coffee club for tea. Nice chatting with you guys and of cos all your "thoughtful" Birthday gift for me! Thank u thank U ^_^ The "GOLD" and the "lucky pet". You guys are so sweet! Hey I forget to take pictures with you guys! Jiayin never remind me! hahaha.

Around 5 plus meet up with Mr Er and Elki. Melvin join us for awhile and we off to meet some one special (I guess). Nice to meet up with you guys. After so long finally we see Derrick now! hahaha He was so busy. Nice to "gather" four of us together, hope we can go for oversea trip again soon ya. Miss those days.

Hey thank you all the birthday gifts you guys had gave to me! LOVELY :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LOVE AT 1st sight—FRED. thank u Willie! JACKY!

"hey I booked you to go shopping tonight" this is what I got a text message from Willie in the morning. I know he wanted to get me something for my birthday. I wanted Thursday but he cannot. So I skipped my gym session and went club street...

He showed me a shop call "FRONT Row" the goods are cool, not everything is "ready to wear" type and over price. Ended getting a FRED Perry shirt which I love it,, cutting is good and suit me! Saw it at one of a Oversea title, love at first sight! I hope is still within your budget THANK U WILLIE!
muck! hahahaha.

Josie saw what willie got she sound so "envy"! hahahaha with her MCC post this pic.

Lastly, Jacky dun be angry. OVER REACT! See you after your dinner!

I don't need Tiffany

Thank for your early Birthday gift, should pst it last month and was lazy to write about it.

I am glad we walked together through the obstacles. No need to waste $ on expensive stuff, as I was telling you I don't need TIFFANY, why bother by what others think ( I totally agree now ). This watch already good enough. Happy. No need Tiffany to show off to the world, with you around is enough to "show" thank for there and always think for me, my family... Sometime I would just keep it to myself not knowing how to express, I guess you too. Well not very good, have to learn to express. I hope no more "stupid" misunderstanding.

Lastly Thank you for EVERYTHING! Looking forward to the trip to land of the Rising Sun! Excited.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

lah lah lah

Today wanted to go for a swim, cloudy! More than 2 weeks I had not swim, I want to do my laps again!

Had a lousy noodles for lunch with Josie, so bad till we never finish it. The minced pork was not fully cooked! AMK Central some famous coffee chain (green colour, no ad here! hahaha). So I decided to go town to walk around. Met Keith for tea. Saw a pair of berms at TANGS, so so cool! cost more than S$300!!

Dinner nearly alone, ended up at TYP, KTV session with Yinghui (the Diva)... fun singing most retro songs while outdoor was stormy! hahaha

LASTLY, thank YingHui for the LACOSTE Sport Polo tee for my birthday!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy birthday Josie

Went Tony for dinner. So full and thristy! Hope you like the YSL Jacky and I got you, and Happy birtthday! All the best!

After dinner we watched PANDA! SO so CUTE!
fat fat, bouncy. hahaa

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy 7th—0606

Thank for everything. Hope you like the gift I had hunt for you.

This time we choose Ritz to have our celebration. A number to "special" friends are invited. Thank for coming and sharing the happy moment on this day. Happy and thankful. Never ask alot of people along, 1st "is about us, just you and me" is not about the 200plus guest on the list." hahaha. Of cos' will not and not comfortable to share this special day with friends who not aware what went thru or even people who I just met 2 to 3 times only. I guess people who are sensible enough will know. :)

Finally, is the 7th years. Not easy, thank for there for me all these years; it's never as easy as it seem to be in stories in those movie... mmm I want happy ending.

Monday, June 2, 2008

iMac power adapter die...

Yesterday my mac asapter die off suddenly, was so shock, luckily may baby (iBook) ok. However, our dear YSL pass away yesterday. After 40 plus years in fashion. mmmm

Today I have to spend $152 on a new iMac Power Adapter. Hiazz wasted! Saw this Pual Frank frame on Sunday. Fits me so well, price is so steep $300 plus for the frame. Can't afford now.