Tuesday, June 10, 2008

lah lah lah

Today wanted to go for a swim, cloudy! More than 2 weeks I had not swim, I want to do my laps again!

Had a lousy noodles for lunch with Josie, so bad till we never finish it. The minced pork was not fully cooked! AMK Central some famous coffee chain (green colour, no ad here! hahaha). So I decided to go town to walk around. Met Keith for tea. Saw a pair of berms at TANGS, so so cool! cost more than S$300!!

Dinner nearly alone, ended up at TYP, KTV session with Yinghui (the Diva)... fun singing most retro songs while outdoor was stormy! hahaha

LASTLY, thank YingHui for the LACOSTE Sport Polo tee for my birthday!

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