Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LOVE AT 1st sight—FRED. thank u Willie! JACKY!

"hey I booked you to go shopping tonight" this is what I got a text message from Willie in the morning. I know he wanted to get me something for my birthday. I wanted Thursday but he cannot. So I skipped my gym session and went club street...

He showed me a shop call "FRONT Row" the goods are cool, not everything is "ready to wear" type and over price. Ended getting a FRED Perry shirt which I love it,, cutting is good and suit me! Saw it at one of a Oversea title, love at first sight! I hope is still within your budget THANK U WILLIE!
muck! hahahaha.

Josie saw what willie got she sound so "envy"! hahahaha with her MCC post this pic.

Lastly, Jacky dun be angry. OVER REACT! See you after your dinner!

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