Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mac Mac

Went to Mac in town to meet up with a SPH CD. Had an hour chat, We talked about some design stuff and Custom Publishing...

After that went to MOS at NOVena to had lunch alone. Cos' Elki and Jacky is picking me up over there. Had a small gathering at Jacky's place. Jusin and Ervin was there too. We looking at our HK pics. The kids was there too.

Ian was in the room, telling me what happened along the way back. His little brother cried again, hahaha "complaining" Steward a "ham Boa" hahah silly boy.

Evening Jacky and I met up with Alfred at Bishan. Alfred got me something from Head Porter Toyko. hahaha so happy. We shared our travel pics. Simple but fun evening.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back from Hong Kong

Today just too tired, took unpay leave to rest at home. Why unpay, well even if I get confirmed, this job still no pay leave and pay MC for 1 year! Suck.
Washed some clothes and do some upacking.. still have lots of stuff stillin my bags.

Nice trip but next time I want to visit some Art places over at Hong Kong.

Evening meet up with Edward just drink and tlak most of the time. Paid my Isetan bill. This month really over spend..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Going back HOME

Go home, holiday end fast. Happy times fly...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wong Tai Sin

Wanted to go out early today, Derrick and Elki woke up late. So we had after our late breakfast and move out to Wong Tai Sin.

After that we went Festival Walk (mall) for an hour walk, However, Out Ms Er was over excited... "over time" for alomost 30mins.. We need to rush down to LamHAM... there are lots of same brands under different. So I think staying there for an hour is enough. Just let tham have a feel of this mall at the other part of Kawloon.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hong Kong Hong Kong super

Went for snack/ supper. These pictures came in so so late... Already forget what happened..

More cool pics coming in stay tune...

Shopping@Hong Kong Side

Today went Hong Kong side shopping. Well to me is more on "Window shop".
Love the BIG BIG "wrap around", posters, Sign... Took lots of it.. lazy to resize...

Friday, August 17, 2007

More HK pics

More Hk pics... I forget... Now there are here.. mostly was eat and shop.

Summer at the Hong Kong Beach

Today is sunny and hot. After brunch, Derrick and Elki went shopping again, Melvin and Ivan went to the Big Buddha. Jack and I went to Causway Bay to meet Ivan to take mini bus to beach. Wanted to do something different this time. Don't like to just shop and shop. Wanted to do something nice. The beach we heading is near Repulse Bay (farther in). Didn't stop at the right area so ended at somewhere at Stanley Plaza. Wrong place but is a nice mistake. I like the place, but a bit too hot that day. We didn't stay there for too long. As usual took a few pictures.

Reached the beach by a cab, we chatted at the beach. Is nice chilling out there with a Hong Kong friend.

Evening went back to Kowloon area to have dinner.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Today woke up at 4plus in the morning to get ready. Jacky picked Elki and me up than back to his place. Lee Chin drove 3 of us to T1. Thank you. Is really early.

Derrick was a bit late.. Cos we wanted to check in early to get better seats. After we check in, I start my shopping in T1. I got myself a new SONY ear phone. In CX I got a Orgins "relaxer"...

Rain the whole of 1st day In Hong Kong. So we did not went up to the peak. Met up with Ivan. He look so good now. Maybe gym alomost eveyday now. Fit and cool now ya.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Meeting again and again...

Well, things not moving anywhere... No point talking and talking and never listen... Especially talking about family stuff in meeting. Please keep it to your family.. not in work..

Anyway, Friday we neevr leave at 530 anyway. Look who is the calculative ones? When u r late count and count. So cheapo style. Please don;t try t act HC. Wake up. Not evenand my knee man...

Met the gang for Hair cut and dinner at a Fish soup resturant at Chinatown. Sleepy andbored with people this way. I mean the whole family... The cannot makeit ones..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

National Day At Sentosa—August2

More Pics...

National Day At Sentosa—August

Today is Singapore National day. Finally no work!

Planned to go Sentosa to chill out. Woke up late, wanted to wake up at 9 but ended up at 10. Thank to my mum, she helped to do some snacks... I did egg mayo sandwich. Ervin, Justin and Jacky was there... Elki and Derrick joined us later...Sun was not very very strong, however, all of us is burn now.. red red.. Sinapore Birthday... haha.

Played some games and chatted... Dinner at "BAN LEONG".

A simple and fun outing. Love to do it again! You guys are funny man. hahaha.

Pictures are on the way... stay tune! :P

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


KEnna!!! CCB. WTF!!! Stupid people do stupid stuff.

Know a suject doesn't mean you know or major or even professional in it. Read or hear from porfessional doesn't mean you will be as good as them. Please wake up. Stop dreaming, it might be too late when you find out...

These people really makes me ill.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Eat, walk.

Went lunch with Adrick at Ang Mo Kio central. Soem of the AMK area was closed for some "VIP" visit and N'day celebration.

Late afternoon went out with Elki. Walk around in Orchard, got some stuff from Celie. We had Japanese food. Was fun chilling out at the place. Chatted and relaized that for so long finally someone know how I felt at least for some incident; on people... Is nice and we been thur so much and shared with each other about things. I am glad that you are not my "hi-bye" ones. hahaha. I agree, we cannot compare with others, we don't "weight" a friendship using other "material" thingy. Is priceless.

"Please "lah" stay so near can always call one right?".

Ya one more things, finally we going oversea together. All these years. A simple and nice outing with you.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hong Kong summer-2

We swimming with Jacky. Fianlly this weekend is sunny. Two weeks plus never swim. Had hard time doing more than 10 laps. Can see Jacky really enjoy his OUB stay, keep talking about that hahah. And usual his "NOT ENOUGH sleep LOOK" Please sleep more and throw away this look ya! I think he a bit burn.. hahah but the tan look good.
We went down to pay for the tickets for Hong Kong at Chinatown area.

After that we Orchard for dinner, Derrick wanted to change his trunks (Birthday gift, wrong size). So we had to park our car at Somerset area.

Walked to Cathy Cine, we to see that tanning salon, cos Bernard and Zaf are working there, and Derrick was interesd in that. I decided to show hime the place. Well soemtime, people like to ask lots of question. Example, "why you need to tan? why need to spend money to tan." Well to me, there is lot of reasons. To me evryone wanna look good. But no time, so can't tan. Well maybe you will never understand. Maybe your time do not have these man made sun machine to "tailor" colurs that you always want. Or some people too shy to tan out door. Many many more reasons. Well for me don't need to give reason, JUST DO IT. Well maybe keep commend to yourself I guess is better way. I know Derrick don't like people to ask too much question too right? hahaha.

We had dinner at food court, was so packed. Jacky and I had our fav "WU XIAN" hahaha. yummy. I like prawn carker! Heaty but nice. I showed Jacky my fav Berms, and I decided to buy it cos only leaft with size 28 and 2 left. No more white! I got grey.

Tired. We home and do mask cos of the sun... Dry up man!