Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hong Kong summer-2

We swimming with Jacky. Fianlly this weekend is sunny. Two weeks plus never swim. Had hard time doing more than 10 laps. Can see Jacky really enjoy his OUB stay, keep talking about that hahah. And usual his "NOT ENOUGH sleep LOOK" Please sleep more and throw away this look ya! I think he a bit burn.. hahah but the tan look good.
We went down to pay for the tickets for Hong Kong at Chinatown area.

After that we Orchard for dinner, Derrick wanted to change his trunks (Birthday gift, wrong size). So we had to park our car at Somerset area.

Walked to Cathy Cine, we to see that tanning salon, cos Bernard and Zaf are working there, and Derrick was interesd in that. I decided to show hime the place. Well soemtime, people like to ask lots of question. Example, "why you need to tan? why need to spend money to tan." Well to me, there is lot of reasons. To me evryone wanna look good. But no time, so can't tan. Well maybe you will never understand. Maybe your time do not have these man made sun machine to "tailor" colurs that you always want. Or some people too shy to tan out door. Many many more reasons. Well for me don't need to give reason, JUST DO IT. Well maybe keep commend to yourself I guess is better way. I know Derrick don't like people to ask too much question too right? hahaha.

We had dinner at food court, was so packed. Jacky and I had our fav "WU XIAN" hahaha. yummy. I like prawn carker! Heaty but nice. I showed Jacky my fav Berms, and I decided to buy it cos only leaft with size 28 and 2 left. No more white! I got grey.

Tired. We home and do mask cos of the sun... Dry up man!

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