Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thai Food was good

Today, no swim again! Rain again. Was awakefor swim at 9, Not very happy with it. Went back to sleep till 11 and still raining by than. Had lunch with mum and wait at for for the annual STUPID MOB! And again wasting my time. Is not about not "activing" or what so ever, is about wasting my personal time for some "not important" things. Well Some so call "regluars" having pay rasie having canteen break... and tell me more about their good news!?? I will be very pissed.

Around 4 plus Jacky was here... And had dinner at CentrePoint area. We had Thai food. Was good, simple and nice. Feeling very stafiy.

End the day fast. Weekend was so fast.
So many things happened. tear, uncertain, funny, laughed, scared, abit "bo laio"...

Friday, October 12, 2007

showMI 2007

SO excited about tomorrow. FINALLY here you come! you go Girl! SAMMI!

It has been nearly three years since her last 2004 “Sammi VS Sammi Concert” and after a thorough break, Sammi is ready with “Sammi Cheng Show Mi 2007 Concert”. The huge success of the tour thus far, with Hong Kong adding an additional four dates to the original four shows in May, one date each in Canada and the United States, and two dates in Malaysia, has propelled Sammi straight back into the spotlight.

The Queen of Canto-pop sets a dance decree with Sammi Cheng Show Mi 2007 Concert.
See you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


After so many years, finally able to catch up with the NEW islander Op.

Have not see Carmen for almost 2 and half years, now she look more stressed up with eye bag...Well she can "changlle" you man, Mr Lim. We had Jap food at Wimsa. Had a long chat. As usual,we bitch about our job... What her plan, what aboout my side... and of cos, we missed people from GMO too. Especailly Esther.

Anyway, all the best la. Will catch you girl when I am at the island or Vivo...

And lastly, she bought me dinner. HIAZZ I should eat more. LOLZ cheap right... (WE LAUGHED SO HARD)

spend n spend

sunday morning, I SKIP my swim with Adrick... why? Cos' of Willie, who temp me with that MUJI sale at Suntec city mall. Went for some snack, as usual Willie always say hungry and want to eat. Ended up at the sale around 3. Well, not a big room. Got a shirt at $19 (usual 79).

After the sale, went OG to get my black leathe Conves. OG is not my top choice when comes to shopping, however the word SALE and ISETAN not selling what I am looking for, why not.

Of cos, I throw in 2 hundreds plus on NATURE FARM again. Last day of the Sale again!!!!!! Agrrr.... over spend! god.