Saturday, August 29, 2009

sleepy, tired, pissed.

Today, wasted my whole day waiting and waiting to do up a crappy job.

Nothing about design just text and text... Worse than a Classf' ad! No chance to take my dinner... not even pee break. change some crap tag line and body texts. Guess what, we don't even have pictures. End up just text and text... fill up all with text... nothing cool about it. No typo nothing about graphic... just a A4 fill with text... hahaha what a joke. Doing the changes form 4pm to 10pm... just some "smart" earthing cannot think clearly, and need a super long coffee break.

Willie told me, world is filled with stupid human...I agree. Laugh with it... I can
What they want is Steal idea. I can't.
They want to Copy, "no way" I answer.

Well, so so disturb till I can;t really eat... now I don;t feel hungry at all... I am just tired. Tired of "teaching" stupid human. If they learn I am happy, But why you need to steal if you can create or grow ideas...
Don't be a Cheapo ( like what alfred always say).

Yes before I logging off. I AM NOT GOING FOR the Cheapo Sat, "pay yourself" breakfast meeting. Please don't waste my time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

my weekend dinners

Weekends, time to meet up with friends...
more pics to come...

cant load up pics now don;t know why.... F up!