Sunday, April 29, 2007

i hate ICT!

I really don't like the idea ofgoing ICT. Do you know how distubed I get? To you, maybe not.

I like to party, to you maybe not. I need to "balance" myself. You don't see the point. I know you don't like it. I really know what you want. Just that we at this erra.

About him... I think you think too much. I already said "over means over" Please stop talking about that person.

I never blame you. Only myself to be blame...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Panda at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Today from TVBI News China giving a pair of Panda to Hong Kong. Their new home in Hong Kong will be at Ocean Park. Frm TV they look so adorable and so huggable!

Meet with Alfred, went Far East Plaza to alter my jeans. Actually was a old DIESEL jeans, want to make it more "skinny" hahaha. Give it a new look. Later met up with Edward at Scott area. Was window shopping before our dinner.

We are talking about gifts for friends, and I asked Alfred to rememeber my gift when he is over at Japan. To my suprise, he said something like, " I rememeber your birthday. XX June." I was so happy, for someone like him to rememeber my birthday. Kind of touched. Really. Thank you Alfred, you can be sweet ya.

Ya lastly, Josie got herself a new IPOD video. Good price! Envy. Cos' I also want one myself! hehee

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

another day

Another day had gone again.

Today was sunny and hot in the morning and the early afternoon, suddenly lighting, thunder. So sudden. Heavy rain. Well, that's so call life, we neevr know what will happen next moment. Little things can light up your day, guess some tiny mini stuff can mess up the moment too.

People around us can always say don't cry over the spill milk. Is so easy to said than done. Can you stay cool all the time? Can you not get disturbed by unhappy things happened to you? Even the person hurted you? Best of all, those so call "good guy" had hurt you and yet still can come around treating nothing had happened? WOW BEST.
Why we keep talk about myself, myself and myself... Ever think, how other part doing? Is the person feeling ok? We need people to feel us. Not only share happiness not sorrow or trouble.
Why people can;t spare a thought for others? mmmm why "hur"?

Most of us need freinds around. To chillout, even just sit down. For me when I felt lonely I don;t want to joke, just want to hide in my room. Already mature enough knowing what to do.

Well, guess I am lucky to have you around me. All the time. never just see the cover (not having a good cover la). Thank for loving me for what and who I am.

And of cos life can be so beautiful... Tommorrow will be nice to me too! :)
I don't know what will be ahead of me...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Raining afternoon

A rainy day... feeling tired. Maybe because of the rain.Maybe no sun. Just feeling a bit "down" Wondering when is my "SUNNY days" will be here. I need more luck I guess. Need someone to show me the way...
Will be heading to the gym later.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

SWEET 16th

Today went swimming. No Sun! I did my usual 12 laps. Jacky did 20... After swim went home to rest for awhile.

Tonight we will be heading to ZOUK for it's 16th Birthday Party. Went Arab Street for dinner and head down to the the party. We planned to reach ZOUK at 8.50pm... hahaha A bit early right? We meet Rachel and Yati first before heading to the queue. But We end up reaching ZOUK at 915pm. WOW Guess What!?? The whole place was so packed... We joined the "guest" queue...

At the queue saw a accquaintence G***. I say "hi" to you. However, someone give me the duh" look. Well our Mr Jacky was not very happy with his behavour. Well, I guess no next time... We will just do the "BB gang" thingy to you ya. You ask for it. Don't blame me for bitching about you here! Don't think you slim down you look ok. Well to be honest, you still have a long long way to god to head towards the good looking department ya! Please give us a break. You not even dress for the "clubbing" mode man. A black shirt? Comeon is ZOUK not some "uncle" club...

Ok enough for this "extra".

The queue was not moving at all, waited around 30mins before we made our way in... Dam hot ya... for the "free flow" ya... they checked my "AGE PHOTOCARD" and my memeber card before going in. The whole place was like those High School Prom Night. hahaha.

We got so many drinks... from beer to shots. wow of cos picture taking session.... hahaha. We had fun. Yes great music!

we can dance all thur the nite untill the morning light!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the PHANTOM of the Opera

Went with Jacky, Melvin, Jess... ect.. Wonderful show. Was touched... Beautiful!

After show went for Parta and Milo...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don't say say only

Today went J8 with sister and mum. We had some snack at Mos Burger..As usualy went FairPrice for weekly shopping.

Stayed at home after dinner. Watch TV. :)
Well, was talking to Jacky today. Was unhappy with some people out there. Just like to"say say only". Wellisn't it the same as writing a blank cheque? I really don't like this type of people. Well I will still treat you as friend, however, willnot take your words for it anymore. Cos' you like to"say say only what". Inorder to "blance" myself... of cos I cannot take it serious.

Well, please don't do it this way.If not no one will take you serious in what ever you do.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

LOST MY EAR "plug"

When dinner with Willie. Had a long chat with Mr Willie at food court. After dinner, met up wth Melvin, Derrick Edward and Harry.
We went Mos Burger for drink and chat chat and chat... till they close for the day... Wow We really can talk ya.

Well about to head back home... I realised that my one of my SONY ear phone—"ear plug" gone! agrrrr. This is not the 1st time! Dam it! So unhappy about it. MEANING have to Spend to replace the "ear Plug". It will cost be S$22 at least. Is costly just a spare part!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday at Cafe Del Mar

Good Friday.

Was trying to sleep yesterday, only managed to sleep around 2am. Woke up late, around 11pm.
Melvin left me a SMS, saying Derrick and him will be heading to Cafe Del Mar. So I called Jacky what time we can be there...

Holiday, long weekend! Everyone seem to be heading to Sentosa! The whole area from ViVo City got jammed till Sentosa itself!
I don't like it. Hate it in fact.
Reached Cafe Del Mar around 12 plus. So many friends was there. Amose, Edward, Zi Rong, Jimmy and some others..


Dinner at Raffles Cith Shopping centre. Elki made his "Guest appearance". always nice to have him around!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Qin Ming

Woke up early, went to Mandi for Qin Ming... Mother bought a few stuff for dad. We got him beer too.

After the session, we went home. Feeling tired, went for a nap.
Met up with Amose and Melvin at Orchard. Amose was hungry so we company him for snack/dinner. Willie joined us later at Nee Ann City. We went G Star to look at the new stuff. The sales girl told me there had a 20% special for the event yesterday! Agrrr, I wasn't there! Dam it. I was eyeing on a pair of "core-sec" again. I tired it on and fits so nicely on me! HIAZZ no money to get it kinda of sad. Well this time Melvin got a pair "96" for himself. Nice wash. I used my "account" and he got a 10% off for that pair. Not too bad ya..

After the shopping we went to Wisma food court, Jacky joined us there. Well good to see him ya. Went StarBucks for drinks...

Today, a tiring day. However, you made my day "HAPPY". Really you did.
Thank you :)