Wednesday, April 25, 2007

another day

Another day had gone again.

Today was sunny and hot in the morning and the early afternoon, suddenly lighting, thunder. So sudden. Heavy rain. Well, that's so call life, we neevr know what will happen next moment. Little things can light up your day, guess some tiny mini stuff can mess up the moment too.

People around us can always say don't cry over the spill milk. Is so easy to said than done. Can you stay cool all the time? Can you not get disturbed by unhappy things happened to you? Even the person hurted you? Best of all, those so call "good guy" had hurt you and yet still can come around treating nothing had happened? WOW BEST.
Why we keep talk about myself, myself and myself... Ever think, how other part doing? Is the person feeling ok? We need people to feel us. Not only share happiness not sorrow or trouble.
Why people can;t spare a thought for others? mmmm why "hur"?

Most of us need freinds around. To chillout, even just sit down. For me when I felt lonely I don;t want to joke, just want to hide in my room. Already mature enough knowing what to do.

Well, guess I am lucky to have you around me. All the time. never just see the cover (not having a good cover la). Thank for loving me for what and who I am.

And of cos life can be so beautiful... Tommorrow will be nice to me too! :)
I don't know what will be ahead of me...

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