Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday at Cafe Del Mar

Good Friday.

Was trying to sleep yesterday, only managed to sleep around 2am. Woke up late, around 11pm.
Melvin left me a SMS, saying Derrick and him will be heading to Cafe Del Mar. So I called Jacky what time we can be there...

Holiday, long weekend! Everyone seem to be heading to Sentosa! The whole area from ViVo City got jammed till Sentosa itself!
I don't like it. Hate it in fact.
Reached Cafe Del Mar around 12 plus. So many friends was there. Amose, Edward, Zi Rong, Jimmy and some others..


Dinner at Raffles Cith Shopping centre. Elki made his "Guest appearance". always nice to have him around!

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Just Yatz said...

Oh my god...!!! Check out the brite blue trunks...!!!!