Saturday, April 21, 2007

SWEET 16th

Today went swimming. No Sun! I did my usual 12 laps. Jacky did 20... After swim went home to rest for awhile.

Tonight we will be heading to ZOUK for it's 16th Birthday Party. Went Arab Street for dinner and head down to the the party. We planned to reach ZOUK at 8.50pm... hahaha A bit early right? We meet Rachel and Yati first before heading to the queue. But We end up reaching ZOUK at 915pm. WOW Guess What!?? The whole place was so packed... We joined the "guest" queue...

At the queue saw a accquaintence G***. I say "hi" to you. However, someone give me the duh" look. Well our Mr Jacky was not very happy with his behavour. Well, I guess no next time... We will just do the "BB gang" thingy to you ya. You ask for it. Don't blame me for bitching about you here! Don't think you slim down you look ok. Well to be honest, you still have a long long way to god to head towards the good looking department ya! Please give us a break. You not even dress for the "clubbing" mode man. A black shirt? Comeon is ZOUK not some "uncle" club...

Ok enough for this "extra".

The queue was not moving at all, waited around 30mins before we made our way in... Dam hot ya... for the "free flow" ya... they checked my "AGE PHOTOCARD" and my memeber card before going in. The whole place was like those High School Prom Night. hahaha.

We got so many drinks... from beer to shots. wow of cos picture taking session.... hahaha. We had fun. Yes great music!

we can dance all thur the nite untill the morning light!

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