Thursday, April 23, 2009

a wake up call for us...

Just now Alfred sent me this link... watch it... and feel it.

Most human always have "Dog eyes" (we call it in Chinese) looking down at others in ways, out look, jobs, even family background... After watching this clip, is a wait up call for myself.

Friday, April 10, 2009

囍帖街 - 謝安琪

For years have not hear cantonese song, a song that touch my heart like... ( I mean made in HK songs"
Just to share with u guys.

忘掉種過的花 重新的出發 放棄理想吧 別再看 塵封的喜帖 你正在要搬家 築得起 人應該接受 都有日倒下 其實沒有一種安穩快樂 永遠也不差 就似這一區 曾經稱得上美滿甲天下 但霎眼 全街的單位 快要住滿烏鴉 好景不會每日常在 天梯不可只往上爬 愛的人沒有一生一世嗎 大概不需要害怕 ...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

outing on weekdays

Met up with ZiRong, Edward, Melvin and Amose. Walk around Bugis. Saw a nice pair of berms but is a bit expensive... for now need to cut cost. I didn't buy stuff for very very long... Can't get all these...

Meet Amose Where? Of cos Amose's Outlet. hahaha