Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nothing. Sale


Today met Amose for Isetan sale. Of cos do some catching up with him. Wanted to get a pair or black leather Conves this time, but left with high cut ones. Didn't get anything this time round. Went dinner at Lucky Plaza. Rainy, windy, feeling hungry. munch and munch...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

why are some boss so cheap?

Today, Ivy told me my September pay will be hold till Novemeber. Well, I have nothing to say, just want to tell you guys my ex boss is so so cheap. Ok, you want to hold, will let you do so. I am thinking "hungry Ghost Festival" is over, but why they still so "hungry" for food and money. CCB. hahaha.

Well, just quote from GG, "let it be their "WHITE GOLD".

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thank you Ivan and Robin

Met up with Keith at Orchard... well someone was late... from 1pm changed to 1.30 and stilll late... hahaha. Walked around some places. Not much in shopping but more catching up. Nice.

Around 3, Robin called and joined us at Cine Leisure. Went for a drink and snack at a Hong Kong cafe in that mall. Not very Hong Kong food... Finally, Mo Chichi is back. Welcome back. hahaha. Was fun chatting with the two big boys. A nice and simple session.

Evening, went gym with Jacky. Tired!!! Sleepy. got to rest. Getting old...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

81 cents

Finally I quit this one... After getting my 81 cents cut for being late for 3 to 4 mins in total in month of August, I realise this is not the kind of place I will want to stay. Well, see who is the one who like to count everything? Not me. I am really disgusted by what happened... Kind of disturb.

What Jacky told me, better to leave the place which really affect the person working there. Futhermore, pay wise is not the best in town. No leave, no paid Medical leave for first 365 days... I wonder why I sign this in the first place. So silly. Anyway, I ended it.

Met up with Melvin and edward... chat, chillout...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No pay yet

Today is pay day, however they say they run out of cheques. Well kinda lame excuse.
I wnat my pay. No mood man... Well is my August pay... Is alrray late to get it on Sept. Now this excuse.

Guess time to move on... enough of these rubbish....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

world is beautiful...

Today, went thru "friendster", saw a familar faces, saw someone close to Willie, and that moment, Willie MSN me. As uausl we chatted... have not seen him nearly 2 months. Last met him was before he flew to Itay. Don't know why kinda miss him.

Evening went for hair cut at China Square Central. Willie decided to catch up with me. Hahaha miss me right? hahaha. Got some news. mmm... kinda disturbed by that. I didn't take it too well, and I teared. Is sudden and happened—like HBO drama. Never knew it will happened so so near myself. Was in some thoughts.

Got a SMS from him, " Wei, ths forbeing around..and dun dunbe sad. I still want to believe tat d world is beautiful.."

I am very very tired tonight. Wanted to sleep so badly, however, I just want to noted all these down... Is really really too sudden.
Mixed feeling, sad, questions, wonder, a bit angry and helpless...

I think as a friend I did my part.
I hope you will be better... see you around soon.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Normal Sunday

Wanted to swim, but seem cloudy and rainy.. Decided not to.
Met up with Melvin at Bishan, he over slept so only 5pm than we reached gym...

Ate Chicken chop. Its was so slow, maybe crowded...

Bored. Working soon. Weekend is so short.