Tuesday, September 4, 2007

world is beautiful...

Today, went thru "friendster", saw a familar faces, saw someone close to Willie, and that moment, Willie MSN me. As uausl we chatted... have not seen him nearly 2 months. Last met him was before he flew to Itay. Don't know why kinda miss him.

Evening went for hair cut at China Square Central. Willie decided to catch up with me. Hahaha miss me right? hahaha. Got some news. mmm... kinda disturbed by that. I didn't take it too well, and I teared. Is sudden and happened—like HBO drama. Never knew it will happened so so near myself. Was in some thoughts.

Got a SMS from him, " Wei, ths forbeing around..and dun dunbe sad. I still want to believe tat d world is beautiful.."

I am very very tired tonight. Wanted to sleep so badly, however, I just want to noted all these down... Is really really too sudden.
Mixed feeling, sad, questions, wonder, a bit angry and helpless...

I think as a friend I did my part.
I hope you will be better... see you around soon.

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