Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Going West

Wake up dam dam early this morning. Today I will follow Uncle Lim to the west! JURONG! FAr far far, for his van servicing.

After sending the van in, we took a bus to the nearby central. Jacky said he seldom on bus... so I took a few shot. Went to the food court, food SUCK big time. Area wise normal, but is really far away from town. Come to think about it, I am lucky to stay at the middle north part of singapore and near a MRT station. hahaha And again thank you dad.

After our brunch, we plan to go gym nearby than swim after gym, however, it start to rain! so no choice we stay at gym longer. The Jurong gym is very very nice, seem better than our Cali. (no joke man). You guys should try it out if there chance!

Evening went back to cityhall area, Jacky collected his pants and shirt from Dino. Looks ok, I think pants part can be improve... Willie join us later... He want good food... hahhaa darma.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey is U.

Went lunch at Orchard with Josie, wanted to catch a movie ended up seeing Ms Goh on the street. She looks good after long long time ya.

End up walking around malls, Fixing LV Shades at Nee An City. I have something to say service SUCK BIG TIME! I think go suck on those sucker man. Well I guess HK LV is a lot better in service. Please do something about our service industry before is too late man.

We had tea, dinner and home. Ms "STONG" joined us for awhile. Tiring but really fun catching up with old friends. Funny stories about flying and I guess she being working real hard for SIA this few years ya. Good job pal.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today went pool, woke up late. Alvin was there, as usual he just tan and tan and talk and talk. Funny guy talking about girls, job etc etc. I made fun of him by asking, "what if your girl tell you her period never come for 2 months?" hahaha. Alvin say he will cry. hahaha MADNESS!

I am proud of myself today for finishing my laps without any problem plus letting some guys eating my bubbles! hhahahaa show off right? Old still "flipping" strong ya.

Evening meet up with Jacky, walked around Orchard. So so packed with shopper. This time round most shop are packed with buyers, including high end ones like GUCCI, LV, COACH (Esp this one)...
Went in Bally happily seeing the S.A.L.E sign! The item I am eyeing on is not on sale! (DAM IT, always the case for GSS).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones preview

Thank to Melvin, due to his busy MV on the new edition on "Bleeding Love", Jacky and I able to have the tickets to watch Indana Jones movie at Lido. Show is not too bad, this time not dragy. I have one thing to say... everyone will be old. I mean really old...

Here is clips from movie from (must say again hahaha)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Met up with Melvin, Rachel, Yati, Jacky and gang for the movie, The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian. FREE!
Was happy to see Emily (The lazy bitch) hahaha . After so long she is as crazy as ever and madness! Show was drag... 140 mins! got some of the production shot, Buena Vista International, Walt Disney Pictures. (must menation one)

After the show meet up with Vincent and dinner, Japanese food. Had fun time chatting and eating, though tired after a long night of party and drinking at eve of Public Holiday.

Well nice meeting you guys again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

LAst day

Back to the magazine side again. Stared off in a warm way, cos is so hot and packed in train. Super packed.

Reached office around 820am, Alex and Geoffrey were really early today, maybe waiting for me ya. hahaha I told Agnes was my last day she was kind of sad...
Sham asked me to stay on for lunch. Nearly whole custom team went for my farewell lunch at SILAP. Nice food we had western. Touched, cos is a last min thingy, cos most of them are not aware that was my last day at custom publishing. I guess SPHM HR did not do a good job ya.

Went around talking to SPHM custom people like Bernard, Sham, Esther, Cindi, Charmine, Perthina, Times' peggy and even Times' Mr Lieu. And more... I was suprise that most to the print services girls came over and say goodbye. Thank Mummy Candy, Alice and gang... That moment Bernard was holding my stuff helping me and waiting for me while talking to each and everyone. Thank Mr B, that moment I miss people in my office. Nice and sweet people. Can't bare to leave them... Agnes.

Alots of mix feelings.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

porter HEADporter!

I got my 1st birthday present so fast this year! Josie got me a blue Headporter from Toyko. Just got it this morning!
Happy ya!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dim Sim Dim Sim

Today, feeling a bit better. After a long week of medication, I decided to go out for a walk.

Alfred msn me asking am I keen on dim sim, and of cos I am. Met up with Alfred and Derrick (Dior) at Chinatown. As a vain pot, Alfred decided to make himself a spec (those without degree) for his new image. Look good on him. Had Dim Sim at YUM CHA Chinatown, food was so so however price are a bit steep, cos we went for the buffet.

Evening met up with Jacky at Vi Vo City, my tummy was feeling ill. Thank to Melvin we had a free movie. "MADE OF HONOR" interesting love story. I enjoyed the show, but ending part of the movie my gastric giving problem. Rachel, Kenny, Melvin, Jacky and I went back to Chinatown for porridge.

After the porridge felt better.

Around 1plus at night I threw out twice. Feeling really ill this time. I hope everything will be ok again... Feeling not very well again. Hiazz ...

Monday, May 5, 2008

I want berms

NICE berms! I want!

Sick again...

Was ill for almost 1 week!
Down with fever, cold, cough. I was super worried, thinking what happened to me... now I am much better.

Ya, 1 more thing. I decided to leave "SLIVERKRIS" for good. Finally. What's the point when I keep asking for transfer. So I get myself out of it. 1st thing 1st, I never ask to transfer into "SLIVERKRIS". When I ask for a transfer out of the "SLIVERKRIS" I just want to get back where I am from. So why bother so much when I send in the letter. Now than start thinking about the "transfering" thingy. I guess is too late.

Anyway, I still have some pages to finish for the June issue before I leave this company.