Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey is U.

Went lunch at Orchard with Josie, wanted to catch a movie ended up seeing Ms Goh on the street. She looks good after long long time ya.

End up walking around malls, Fixing LV Shades at Nee An City. I have something to say service SUCK BIG TIME! I think go suck on those sucker man. Well I guess HK LV is a lot better in service. Please do something about our service industry before is too late man.

We had tea, dinner and home. Ms "STONG" joined us for awhile. Tiring but really fun catching up with old friends. Funny stories about flying and I guess she being working real hard for SIA this few years ya. Good job pal.

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Woo Jiayin said...

its Ngee Ann City