Friday, May 9, 2008

Dim Sim Dim Sim

Today, feeling a bit better. After a long week of medication, I decided to go out for a walk.

Alfred msn me asking am I keen on dim sim, and of cos I am. Met up with Alfred and Derrick (Dior) at Chinatown. As a vain pot, Alfred decided to make himself a spec (those without degree) for his new image. Look good on him. Had Dim Sim at YUM CHA Chinatown, food was so so however price are a bit steep, cos we went for the buffet.

Evening met up with Jacky at Vi Vo City, my tummy was feeling ill. Thank to Melvin we had a free movie. "MADE OF HONOR" interesting love story. I enjoyed the show, but ending part of the movie my gastric giving problem. Rachel, Kenny, Melvin, Jacky and I went back to Chinatown for porridge.

After the porridge felt better.

Around 1plus at night I threw out twice. Feeling really ill this time. I hope everything will be ok again... Feeling not very well again. Hiazz ...

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