Monday, May 12, 2008

LAst day

Back to the magazine side again. Stared off in a warm way, cos is so hot and packed in train. Super packed.

Reached office around 820am, Alex and Geoffrey were really early today, maybe waiting for me ya. hahaha I told Agnes was my last day she was kind of sad...
Sham asked me to stay on for lunch. Nearly whole custom team went for my farewell lunch at SILAP. Nice food we had western. Touched, cos is a last min thingy, cos most of them are not aware that was my last day at custom publishing. I guess SPHM HR did not do a good job ya.

Went around talking to SPHM custom people like Bernard, Sham, Esther, Cindi, Charmine, Perthina, Times' peggy and even Times' Mr Lieu. And more... I was suprise that most to the print services girls came over and say goodbye. Thank Mummy Candy, Alice and gang... That moment Bernard was holding my stuff helping me and waiting for me while talking to each and everyone. Thank Mr B, that moment I miss people in my office. Nice and sweet people. Can't bare to leave them... Agnes.

Alots of mix feelings.

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