Thursday, December 20, 2007

thank you X'MAS coming

Today meet up with GG and Jacky at Orchard. Melvin, Edward and Willie joined us later.

Was so so packed in town. Seem everyone is so into the mood of shopping. Spend and spend. First, thank GG for the gifts. NICE thank you! As usual we got something for willie... mmm switch of plan, anyway as long as you guys like it... we will try. hahaha. Excited, as usual we went for the LASCOTE sale. Spend again. MUST STOP!

X'Mas is coming. Time to enjoy, relax!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xmas shopping 2?

Finally I am back!

Today went gym, was f**king busy past few weeks, high stress, long hour! Actually I really began to really hate my job (very long ago). Need to send everything out by 13 Dec 2007 but my magazine still have changes, text not in, pictures not confirm. Stupid, stupid. Really. Never even have time to do my Christmas shopping till friday night.

On friday was staying back... plan to go K party at 7pm. As usual stupid things hold me back in office till 8. Jacky was kind enough to wait for me at my office till 7plus than rush down to Orchard road. Was so so angry and tired. Well after some red wine, time to start shopping! I got mself a BIG X'MAS GIFT! a Agnes B Automate time piece. Price is a bit steep on my side (some might think is cheap). Got you guys some gifts on Friday, sat... sepnd more than 1k now...

After spending, now feeling happy and broke! hahahaha

Saturday, December 8, 2007


This year never really take alot of pics.
And this is Jacky's 2nd time here. hahaha Super tired but super good music and fun. After working at SPH magazine, I think is drain me, well no choice $$$.

Have fun!