Tuesday, May 22, 2012

looking forward — Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012

I always like what Riccardo Tisci did for Givenchy. Here is his first Pre Fall 2012 collection for Givenchy. I have selected a few of my favourite looks from this coming collection!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mass label Fall preview: H&M men’s FW 2012

Summer is here... however in fashion, the so call 'fashion calendar' is always crazy fast. Well, this Swedish label always come out with 'wearable' and 'affordable' items. They have colours for FW, darker hues!! Nice nice. Ya one more thing, they use ASIAN faces now! Anyway, here is a few looks form H&M FW12 which I think is kinda nice...

How about the dark forest colour ones?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

simple food...chomp chomp

Just had Singapore hawker food at chomp chomp, Seragoon Garden. We are lucky got a seat outdoor and breezy! Yeh! enjoy myself! Thanks! ;)

 Rojak, is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish

 BBQ chicken wings (one of my fav), Singapore fried Oyster with egg and the HUGE mug of sugar cane drink!

let's keep fit!

Hey hey, today kinda cloudy...maybe not kinda of 'swimming pool' kind of day.... how about a gym day? hahaha
I wan to look good! (duh! who don't) This guy look so COOL!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Dior Homme story...

Lots of blogger has posted Dior Homme in many ways. Here is a nice one from Harperis Bazzar Men, Thailand for Dior Homme. Kinda of romantica in some way... The sleeveless shirt is one of my fav piece so far... ya the hat is nice too! Enjoy the spread!

Photo by Kwannam Chu, Model: Ethan James.


This is something always in my heart...

I have always look forward to weekend, not only I can sleep longer, is I get to spend the whole-day with you. Am not sure when or what really happened, years passed... weekend became time that is running your own stuff... sending M to play, breakfast... and it will sure 'stretch' all this while. 10 years ago was morning... now is more towards noon. I knew I shouldn't  make any comment, not even I single remark. I knew where I stand in the 'weighing balance'
Mix feeling...
feeling sorry is most of the time I felt... (by the way the Chinese words below is not the translation)

我说: 我们爱的没有错, 只是美丽的独秀太折磨。。。
我说: 我怕一天一天被摧毁。。。
我说:  不怕有寄托,只是寂寞。。。
我说: 无所谓。。。无所谓, 但我真的无所谓?

我说: 如果你一定要选择。。。我怕还是等不到结尾。

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

rain... tropical kinda.

Was super warm in Singapore pass few days. Guess what? Now is raining super heavy. 
Well, thats life. Treasure, enjoy your 'sunny moment'!! WOW so emo wor... hahaha

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

cute cute retro cartoon

Retro cartoon bringing good memories... Smile!

Monday, May 7, 2012

loser in FB

Hey I believe you guys have added people that you don't really know well in your facebook. What most annoying things are trying so hard and worse ENGLISH/SingLish my 'planet' people can comprehen...

I think is fine, however those so call "losers" in facebook are under the following characteristic or posted something  like that:
"am not sure which gym to go?" (I DON'T CARE!)
"do you think I am fat" (GOD sake HIT THE GYM!!)
"I am so bored" (GET A LIFE!!)
"Strange... My strength is extremely weak today" (SEE A DOC!) etc..etc...

Oh No man! hahaha Don't you think they r kinda 'loser'?  Give me a breakkkkk..... zzzzz hahaha
Well just another *'bo laio' post.

*hokkien term. meaning very bored and without anything better to do. usually used with a negative connotation.
She's so boliao, wasting her time singing nursery songs.

Razor-sharp — LJUNG SPRING/SUMMER 2012

Looking Sharp for summer. Razor-sharp tailoring... looking cool, simple and neat. niceeee.
Here’s Ljung Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign photographed by Olof Händén Studio AB with models Christian Larsson and Philip Reimers.