Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is something always in my heart...

I have always look forward to weekend, not only I can sleep longer, is I get to spend the whole-day with you. Am not sure when or what really happened, years passed... weekend became time that is running your own stuff... sending M to play, breakfast... and it will sure 'stretch' all this while. 10 years ago was morning... now is more towards noon. I knew I shouldn't  make any comment, not even I single remark. I knew where I stand in the 'weighing balance'
Mix feeling...
feeling sorry is most of the time I felt... (by the way the Chinese words below is not the translation)

我说: 我们爱的没有错, 只是美丽的独秀太折磨。。。
我说: 我怕一天一天被摧毁。。。
我说:  不怕有寄托,只是寂寞。。。
我说: 无所谓。。。无所谓, 但我真的无所谓?

我说: 如果你一定要选择。。。我怕还是等不到结尾。

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