Monday, May 7, 2012

loser in FB

Hey I believe you guys have added people that you don't really know well in your facebook. What most annoying things are trying so hard and worse ENGLISH/SingLish my 'planet' people can comprehen...

I think is fine, however those so call "losers" in facebook are under the following characteristic or posted something  like that:
"am not sure which gym to go?" (I DON'T CARE!)
"do you think I am fat" (GOD sake HIT THE GYM!!)
"I am so bored" (GET A LIFE!!)
"Strange... My strength is extremely weak today" (SEE A DOC!) etc..etc...

Oh No man! hahaha Don't you think they r kinda 'loser'?  Give me a breakkkkk..... zzzzz hahaha
Well just another *'bo laio' post.

*hokkien term. meaning very bored and without anything better to do. usually used with a negative connotation.
She's so boliao, wasting her time singing nursery songs.

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