Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring/Summer 2007 Preview

Waited at home till 1 pm than head to the pool. Already not having a good mood and it started to rain around 3 plus.

Well I already RSVP for a event today, Party start at 6pm. Well you can tell me you forgot about the event. Didn't I menation it on Friday? I even cancel the 7pm Fashion Show to go this event with you. Thank for bringing my mobile to my place.

What you want me to do, feel happy about what had happened? Please hor.... pay some attention to things around you. Don't always just pointing finger at me. Always just me and my things. If that is the case how about "feel" me?

Lastly I rather, NOT EAT!
All these event are not important, is just I am not happy with the whole incident. Especially when i am not in a hppay mood. It become worse...

Friday, March 23, 2007

catching up...

Today, went out with Derrick Er. Met him at Orchard to get his uniform and shoes. Walked around Fast East, saw a pair of skinny jeans, I loved to have it! hehheee. Save up! hiazz. Saw a few item wanted to get but no MONEY!!!

Was a good boy today, helped my mum to massage her hand. Her hand was not too well. Hope she feel better after that.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

方大同 - 愛愛愛 MV

方大同 , to me is is a new comer. However, I over looked, he was featured at Sammi's album, the cantonese version of SUPERWOMAN.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Enough of all these. GO away!

Went gym today. The usual routine. When I reached home some family thingy disturb me again.

Wondering why some people out there can behave like victim when they spent away all their money, and don't even bother to help you when others in need. So why should we even bother? Well not being unfilial, we have our own problem to solve. Exhausted. PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE! GO BOTHER OTHERS WITH YOUR PROBLEM!!!

I really hate all this SHIT. Enough of all these. GO away!

I guess only my mum will entertain him... Still feeling extremely disturbed...
I always have this feeling, running away. Run away to somewhere no one will ever give me any problem. Run away somewhere there is "HAPPINESS". I am not happy. Just sick and tired of all these shit.

And last of all, don't give me shit or I will return your CCB!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

TEMPER temper...lousy

Today went swimming with Jacky. As usual, will have our late lunch at Bishan Coffee Shop. I had my chicken cutlet today, nothing much choice...

After lunch went home for a short rest before heading to Orchard for dinner. I was really bad in my mood just now. Sorry I just lost control of myself. First time in my life I threw so much stuff on floor. I was so so pissed with what happened to myself and all these while the afford I threw in. Nothing improved and Worsen! I am so so angry and more than just angry, SAD and depress... Not only the money and time... is I want to see the effect! Anyway I am really happy you are always there for me... But I guess no one can help much ya.

After dinner walked around at Orchard area got something for a guy in office. Actually was Jacky's IT guy...

While typing all this... still not feeling too good about it... Just having this feeling, want to hide at home not seeing anyone anymore...

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today was such a hot day. Nearly burnt walking to MRT station to meet Alfred to head down for the sale. Didn't get much stuff today, only some facial products for my mum, sis and myself.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Very very Sunny SUNDAY!

Woke up at 730am.

Alvin, Jacky and I decided to go Sentosa. Waited for jacky to head down to Cafe Del Mar to meet up with Alvin and Zi Rong.
We were slightly late, meeting time was 930am, we only there arond 950am. Jacky and I were not the worse, Zi Rong took very very long to reach Sentosa... He only reach Cafe Del Mar around 1plus afternoon! Well... What we have to say ya.. Alvin was so mad till he "speechless"

We took our snack over there. YUMMY!

Edward decided to bring his Hong Kong friend to here.. His Hong Kong friend love the place. Its a nice place to chillout. However, most of us was "BURN" too sunny, even under the "blue-shade"...

CAN'T upload any pic don't know why....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Big mistake BIG mistake! hahaa

Didn't go swim this morning, because we will be under the sun tomorrow...

End up at Orchard had dinner with Jacky. Went Tangs shopping...

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mum's Birthday

Today, is mum's birthday. Sister decided to take away some Chinese food and we have dinner at home. I got a birthday cake for mum.

Just a simple dinner and a cake cutting session. And Watch TV. :P

A very very warm day.

a link to share

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Beyonce & Jennifer Hudson Live @ Oscars

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Today met up with Amose to chill out at Cafe De Ma.
Nice place... But not much sun... Later part Zi Rong Meet us at Sentosa. Had some snack at ViVo before heading back :)

Will love to come back here again!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Shaky Singapore

Today some part of Singapore "shake"... HOT DAY...

Hot day! Some thought thank Samuel

A hot day... Went Orcahrd with Joise. She want to get a pants. Heard she will be starting her new job this coming Thursday or Friday. Went "pants hunting". After shoppping at Orchard, went home for dinner. Mum bought me fried rice...

Always getting in without much waiting to PowerHouse. Samuel is already doing me a favor by allowing me to bring extra guests into the club. Please do not ask me to bring your friends in! Sam is not obligated, so don't exploit my friendship with him.

I am not the boss of the club.

So please don't ask me to bring your friends there. Let them pay!

I don't exploit my friendship with Samuel Tan. I treause our friendship... Hope you guys understand.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

happy 元宵節 and Mum's Birthday dinner

Happy 元宵節! Today is the last day of Chinese New year Celebration.

Mum planned to have her Birthday lunch today, but she "switched" to dinner instead. Guess she was not feeling too well just now. Having cough for past few days. We went Bishan Crystal Jade for dinner. We order some dish... just a simple dinner. Went FAIR PRICE to get some stuff and sent my mum and sis to taxi stand... After that met up with Alfred for a drink at MOS Burger.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


After Chirs Birthday party, I waited for Jacky to pick me up. We head to Zouk. Before that we to a nearby hawker, I had carrot cake... (Not that nice)

After few months had not party at ZOUK. The music was GOOD! Sound system is still great! But Crowd was not as cool as used to be. hahahaha What Happened??? hahaha.

Chirs' 21st B'Day

Raining and raining... wet wet. Went Orchard to meet up with Alvin and Edward before heading to Chirs' Birthdat party at Singtel Centre.

Guess we are on time. Most of his friends was late, I mean REALLY VERY late! the invite state Party start at 7pm. Only about 7 to 8 people around. We find some sit and made ourselves comfortable... hahaha Alvin brought his camara and start having fun snapping pic...

Thursday, March 1, 2007

meet up with old friends

Rainy days... Planned to go Sentosa with Amose, cancel due to RAIN!

Stayed at home till 4 meet up with Alfred and Dior (Derrick). LAter part Edward joined us. We went to the Chinese Herb store near Gaun Yin Temple around Bugis area. Dior wanted to get some herbal tea, cos he felt ill. After that, Alfred and I went in to pray pray, Dior and Edward waited outside the temple for us... Was raining still...

After visiting temple, we went to the starbuck nearby for a chillout, of cos i had my fav GREEN TEA Frap! Yeh!
Met Mr B at starbuck.