Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring/Summer 2007 Preview

Waited at home till 1 pm than head to the pool. Already not having a good mood and it started to rain around 3 plus.

Well I already RSVP for a event today, Party start at 6pm. Well you can tell me you forgot about the event. Didn't I menation it on Friday? I even cancel the 7pm Fashion Show to go this event with you. Thank for bringing my mobile to my place.

What you want me to do, feel happy about what had happened? Please hor.... pay some attention to things around you. Don't always just pointing finger at me. Always just me and my things. If that is the case how about "feel" me?

Lastly I rather, NOT EAT!
All these event are not important, is just I am not happy with the whole incident. Especially when i am not in a hppay mood. It become worse...

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