Sunday, March 11, 2007

Very very Sunny SUNDAY!

Woke up at 730am.

Alvin, Jacky and I decided to go Sentosa. Waited for jacky to head down to Cafe Del Mar to meet up with Alvin and Zi Rong.
We were slightly late, meeting time was 930am, we only there arond 950am. Jacky and I were not the worse, Zi Rong took very very long to reach Sentosa... He only reach Cafe Del Mar around 1plus afternoon! Well... What we have to say ya.. Alvin was so mad till he "speechless"

We took our snack over there. YUMMY!

Edward decided to bring his Hong Kong friend to here.. His Hong Kong friend love the place. Its a nice place to chillout. However, most of us was "BURN" too sunny, even under the "blue-shade"...

CAN'T upload any pic don't know why....

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