Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Enough of all these. GO away!

Went gym today. The usual routine. When I reached home some family thingy disturb me again.

Wondering why some people out there can behave like victim when they spent away all their money, and don't even bother to help you when others in need. So why should we even bother? Well not being unfilial, we have our own problem to solve. Exhausted. PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE! GO BOTHER OTHERS WITH YOUR PROBLEM!!!

I really hate all this SHIT. Enough of all these. GO away!

I guess only my mum will entertain him... Still feeling extremely disturbed...
I always have this feeling, running away. Run away to somewhere no one will ever give me any problem. Run away somewhere there is "HAPPINESS". I am not happy. Just sick and tired of all these shit.

And last of all, don't give me shit or I will return your CCB!!!

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