Thursday, June 28, 2007


Went gym just now. Started off lousy. With a argument, well is more to a "lousy" feeling or maybe a ype of feeling I do not wish to share it here. Anyway, I hate it.

Derrick joined jacky and I at gym tonight.

Well, now not feeling too well. I know is I should be sleeping, but these few days I can't sleep. I want to rest and sleep peacefully, just can't. Hate it!

Can't we just chillout even in Sinagapore? Of cos I want to go for a trip, for me a trip not only chillout with you... I wish I can do some stuff which I like too. Cos' I am spending this amount of money... I want to get stuff too... Well maybe you don't understand how and what I felt at that monment. I really hate it when you, or even others don't understand me. I am not saying everything I do or we do have to be always about "me being happy", is just not what you guys see. I just dislike what I am going thur now. In fact I hate it so much I do not know how to put this to the end!

I don't want to be alone here! I always say you can go... say is easy. Deep in my heart...

Well, people around us are really really shallow. I know but sometime they are so surface till I myself cannot "take it". For me I still need some of them, maybe in business or friendship point of veiw. Well some people just want to check you out, "what you been doing this month? What you doing? Or What you up to...?" For me, I know you just want to compare and just want to know how good or how bad I done... or maybe you don;t even want me to do BETTER THAN YOU. Well you know who you are right? Well why should I be bother by you? I have my way. Well sometime or infact J is right, just don't care. I am learning.

Today, just does not seem too well. Don't really know why. Ya, 27 June is my late dad's birthday.

Now listening to CAFE SOLO. Nice but seem a bit "empty". I don't like to be alone. Well I do, my mind will run around... flash back... usually to things I want to "finish" and never able to do it. People I don't like, who I always want them to tatse their medince and I think they will never. I am so revangeful. I was never so, untill you been thur what I been thur and you will not be saying that. Of cos' KILL BILL is my fav movie till now. Only one person in my list had dump by her husband, but she is happier now! So what if you have a BIG MOUTH. YOu are a rich bitch now. hahaha Life's unfair ya.

I think I need to be greatful, I still have my love ones...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can't sleep

Night night. Radio not working too well.. Had gastric yesterday. A really bad one.

Just now was at kitchen... wanted to get some snack at this hour. I dig my fridge and found out lot of stuff just passed it due date... Wellno choice have to throw them away. I throw a whole 1kg of OZ nougat away! agrrr... My sis was at kitchen making hot drink, she was saying I am a bit "crazy" throw and clearing stuff at this hour... hahaha I think so too. I throw awaya cocolates, fruits bars, teas.. hahaha

thank Elki just got all my "Heros" :)

Back to my room again... now having a few thoughts, however I should get myself ready and the mood to sleep right?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

greeting cards

Got two B'day card from 3 person. thank you guys!
first to my dear little Ian and Jacky, thank for the cute drawing and greetings. Love the drawing.

Thank Jeremy, I am gald you rememember my B'day and really bother to mail me a card from OZ.
Thank u. Funny card ya.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Drinking time— Pop, R&B

It's my post Birthday gathering at St James. I wore my new Doctor Demin jeans! And I had my "shakers Fries" before drinking! YUMMY!

Good to have the usual gang there - Melvin, DerricEr, Edward, Amose, Sam, Eric, ah Lian, ah Man, Ross, Roger. Special appearance - Raymond, Shervin, Alfred. Also saw, Doreamon, Chris, Daniel, his bro Lionel, etc. Great to have all of you there.

Absolutely fun!

Too bad, Zi rong, Alvin, yati, Emily and Rachel cannot make it...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Birthday Sweet

At Out Of the Pan. Thank Amose for the sweets.
This is before dinner with mum.

Mark thank

Something happy. Just got a SMS from Tawian. " Happy Birthday to you. From Tawian Mark" Is nice to get a SMS for friends' greeting. Esp, from a friend so far away and he rememeber!

Thank u

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thank for your gifts part 3

Warm day, meet Melvin, Amose, Derrick and Edward for dinner at Ochard. Usual stuff, walk around.

After dinner, hang around and chat at MOS Burger... Simple and nice. Too bad Elki cannot make it today.

Amose gave me a "Burberry Summer for men", Melvin gave me a Graniph Tee (nice, but a bit too small for berms. I grew bigger now! hahaha). Thank for all the gifts. MUCK! HUGz hahaa.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

data loss?

Today went to Elki's place to back up all my work and travel pictures of 2005-2006 into DVD. We spend alomost few hours backing up all the stuff. Went home the DVD read in my iBook was a empty disc.. I am really worried now.. cos if is empty meaning all gone?

Will pass disc to Jacky soon, will ask him to transfer the data out. He is using PC not problem buring.. don;t understand why.. anyway I am pissed, worried, sleepless. Don;t come and bother me with where I go and what I did. Really no mood, go bother others with your questions!

Thank Elki

Went to Elki's place, backed up some data.

Got gift from him two tees from DAVID BITTON. Nice thank u

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Present. THANK YOU!

Met up with Derrick at Cityhall. We went "actually" to see see look look. Yes now this place is our fav hang out and hunt for cool clothes place. He tried a few pairs of skinny jeans, I mean really a few... about 7 pairs. hahaha. Not all look nice, however, the more expensive the jeans the nicer it fits on him. Werid right?

I saw a white skinny jeans look dam cool! It cost about $300 plus. Cannot afford now. Lots of nice shoes too, sad news no smaller size.

After his shopping, we went for "tiger" hunting... I want to get a pair for my birthday, using Vincent's gift voucher. Most nicer design are out. I got myself a sporty and cheerful pair. Some people might think I am too old for this pair. Derrick and I felt nice! Who care,end of the day is thomas who wear it right?

Evening we went dinner, after that meet up with Melvin, Rachel, yati, Jess, emily and Conrad at StarBuck Coffee.

LAstly, thank Derrick for his adidas tee! nice :)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

who do something nice to gain popularity?

Lastly, when you treat someone nice from your heart without condition, others would find out even when you keep it a secret. On the other hand, there are just some people who do something nice to gain popularity. Are they sincere? Perhaps yes, but is with a condition. That is just a nice thing done, without touching the heart of the recipient.


Mouth ucler pain pain

thank u JAcky

Well this one is for u. hahahah Thank for the "early" birthday gift. IPOD! yeh time to switch to this new one! Really love it.
Well enjoyed myself. .... Well can't thank you enough I guess.

Pain... Mouth ucler! I want to get prawn craker, guess have to wait... RECOVER fast please.

Well here are some thoughts again. I have lovely friends, family and you specail one. But somehow there is kinda "empty" within... don't know. Used to be so so low self estem in doing so many things... I always think people with good looks always stand a better chances in work. Trust me it always... How I know? Cos' I am not in the good looking "department" so I know how advantage to be in the "good looks departmenat" hahaha.

People like to compare. Why bother if other have a nicer house, nicer car even nicer gifts... Does it really make my life better? NO! well is so easy to see what we don't like... Well guess need time to learn. However, these type of "human" always disturb me without fail. hahaha ya you are right, I need to learn to go on without feeling irritated by all these...

Lastly, when you treat someone nice from your heart without condition, others would find out even when you keep it a secret. On the other hand, there are just some people who do something nice to gain popularity. Are they sincere? Perhaps yes, but is with a condition. That is just a nice thing done, without touching the heart of the recipient.

Anyway, I always let my thoughts go around and around at night.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Thank for the MOET

Today Elki visited us with a bottle of MOET and starwberry!
So nice of you. Well guess you are some of few knowing what we have in mind. However, you shouldn't spend on the car ya...
Next time spend on something nice on yourself instead of renting a car, not cheap ya...


NICE and we enjoyed.

Friday, June 1, 2007

My 2nd "batch" of gifts

This year I got my birthday kinda early. Happy of cos!

Mum got me a Gstar BLACK core-SEC, Josie a Lacoste polo, , Willie got me "Actually" JEANS and Vincent got me a Onitsuka Tiger Voucher for sneaker!

Love them so so much Thank You.

Finally it ended!

Finally two weeks of ICT ended! This time we did 2 out field, 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 night out field. Really dam yucky!

Lucky I survived! hahaha yeh!