Sunday, June 3, 2007

thank u JAcky

Well this one is for u. hahahah Thank for the "early" birthday gift. IPOD! yeh time to switch to this new one! Really love it.
Well enjoyed myself. .... Well can't thank you enough I guess.

Pain... Mouth ucler! I want to get prawn craker, guess have to wait... RECOVER fast please.

Well here are some thoughts again. I have lovely friends, family and you specail one. But somehow there is kinda "empty" within... don't know. Used to be so so low self estem in doing so many things... I always think people with good looks always stand a better chances in work. Trust me it always... How I know? Cos' I am not in the good looking "department" so I know how advantage to be in the "good looks departmenat" hahaha.

People like to compare. Why bother if other have a nicer house, nicer car even nicer gifts... Does it really make my life better? NO! well is so easy to see what we don't like... Well guess need time to learn. However, these type of "human" always disturb me without fail. hahaha ya you are right, I need to learn to go on without feeling irritated by all these...

Lastly, when you treat someone nice from your heart without condition, others would find out even when you keep it a secret. On the other hand, there are just some people who do something nice to gain popularity. Are they sincere? Perhaps yes, but is with a condition. That is just a nice thing done, without touching the heart of the recipient.

Anyway, I always let my thoughts go around and around at night.

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