Thursday, June 7, 2007

Present. THANK YOU!

Met up with Derrick at Cityhall. We went "actually" to see see look look. Yes now this place is our fav hang out and hunt for cool clothes place. He tried a few pairs of skinny jeans, I mean really a few... about 7 pairs. hahaha. Not all look nice, however, the more expensive the jeans the nicer it fits on him. Werid right?

I saw a white skinny jeans look dam cool! It cost about $300 plus. Cannot afford now. Lots of nice shoes too, sad news no smaller size.

After his shopping, we went for "tiger" hunting... I want to get a pair for my birthday, using Vincent's gift voucher. Most nicer design are out. I got myself a sporty and cheerful pair. Some people might think I am too old for this pair. Derrick and I felt nice! Who care,end of the day is thomas who wear it right?

Evening we went dinner, after that meet up with Melvin, Rachel, yati, Jess, emily and Conrad at StarBuck Coffee.

LAstly, thank Derrick for his adidas tee! nice :)

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