Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today went pool, woke up late. Alvin was there, as usual he just tan and tan and talk and talk. Funny guy talking about girls, job etc etc. I made fun of him by asking, "what if your girl tell you her period never come for 2 months?" hahaha. Alvin say he will cry. hahaha MADNESS!

I am proud of myself today for finishing my laps without any problem plus letting some guys eating my bubbles! hhahahaa show off right? Old still "flipping" strong ya.

Evening meet up with Jacky, walked around Orchard. So so packed with shopper. This time round most shop are packed with buyers, including high end ones like GUCCI, LV, COACH (Esp this one)...
Went in Bally happily seeing the S.A.L.E sign! The item I am eyeing on is not on sale! (DAM IT, always the case for GSS).

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