Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Going West

Wake up dam dam early this morning. Today I will follow Uncle Lim to the west! JURONG! FAr far far, for his van servicing.

After sending the van in, we took a bus to the nearby central. Jacky said he seldom on bus... so I took a few shot. Went to the food court, food SUCK big time. Area wise normal, but is really far away from town. Come to think about it, I am lucky to stay at the middle north part of singapore and near a MRT station. hahaha And again thank you dad.

After our brunch, we plan to go gym nearby than swim after gym, however, it start to rain! so no choice we stay at gym longer. The Jurong gym is very very nice, seem better than our Cali. (no joke man). You guys should try it out if there chance!

Evening went back to cityhall area, Jacky collected his pants and shirt from Dino. Looks ok, I think pants part can be improve... Willie join us later... He want good food... hahhaa darma.

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