Thursday, April 26, 2007

Panda at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Today from TVBI News China giving a pair of Panda to Hong Kong. Their new home in Hong Kong will be at Ocean Park. Frm TV they look so adorable and so huggable!

Meet with Alfred, went Far East Plaza to alter my jeans. Actually was a old DIESEL jeans, want to make it more "skinny" hahaha. Give it a new look. Later met up with Edward at Scott area. Was window shopping before our dinner.

We are talking about gifts for friends, and I asked Alfred to rememeber my gift when he is over at Japan. To my suprise, he said something like, " I rememeber your birthday. XX June." I was so happy, for someone like him to rememeber my birthday. Kind of touched. Really. Thank you Alfred, you can be sweet ya.

Ya lastly, Josie got herself a new IPOD video. Good price! Envy. Cos' I also want one myself! hehee

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