Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thai Food was good

Today, no swim again! Rain again. Was awakefor swim at 9, Not very happy with it. Went back to sleep till 11 and still raining by than. Had lunch with mum and wait at for for the annual STUPID MOB! And again wasting my time. Is not about not "activing" or what so ever, is about wasting my personal time for some "not important" things. Well Some so call "regluars" having pay rasie having canteen break... and tell me more about their good news!?? I will be very pissed.

Around 4 plus Jacky was here... And had dinner at CentrePoint area. We had Thai food. Was good, simple and nice. Feeling very stafiy.

End the day fast. Weekend was so fast.
So many things happened. tear, uncertain, funny, laughed, scared, abit "bo laio"...

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