Sunday, August 5, 2007

Eat, walk.

Went lunch with Adrick at Ang Mo Kio central. Soem of the AMK area was closed for some "VIP" visit and N'day celebration.

Late afternoon went out with Elki. Walk around in Orchard, got some stuff from Celie. We had Japanese food. Was fun chilling out at the place. Chatted and relaized that for so long finally someone know how I felt at least for some incident; on people... Is nice and we been thur so much and shared with each other about things. I am glad that you are not my "hi-bye" ones. hahaha. I agree, we cannot compare with others, we don't "weight" a friendship using other "material" thingy. Is priceless.

"Please "lah" stay so near can always call one right?".

Ya one more things, finally we going oversea together. All these years. A simple and nice outing with you.

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