Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mac Mac

Went to Mac in town to meet up with a SPH CD. Had an hour chat, We talked about some design stuff and Custom Publishing...

After that went to MOS at NOVena to had lunch alone. Cos' Elki and Jacky is picking me up over there. Had a small gathering at Jacky's place. Jusin and Ervin was there too. We looking at our HK pics. The kids was there too.

Ian was in the room, telling me what happened along the way back. His little brother cried again, hahaha "complaining" Steward a "ham Boa" hahah silly boy.

Evening Jacky and I met up with Alfred at Bishan. Alfred got me something from Head Porter Toyko. hahaha so happy. We shared our travel pics. Simple but fun evening.

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