Monday, July 30, 2007

moved back

This afternoon, mum called and told me about that "2 dogs" saying need her to deposit and rasie rent for her shop. SUCH shit people. Just rasie 30% few months back. Now see my mum business getting better, and they come.. LOSER. Bully a woman this way. Yuck.
Back home mum got nearly 80% of her stuff back home. Need to sell away many stuff, from boxes of instant noodles to coffee beans, chickens, hot dogs... I know she felt sad... Well we are here for you.
Gave afew some frozen chicken. My 2 fridge is packed with frozen food.

If you think you are so great, please open a bigger salon than "PASSION" if you can't please go back to JB and back to KTV SING! Or suggest please do some ENGLISH course. Incase you don;t get what I mean, Dpon'r come here and "throw face". Two DOG!

Well yet to let GG and Chyn know about this news. If your are reading this, please don't go back there unless is own by us. If they can do it why they loss so much money and why my mum can earn? Answer is really simple. Maybe those "bis woman" wanan be don't understand. Ya sorry I nearly forget they are not human but dog and bitch. hahaha they only F around... Yuck. Kind of disgusting to even think about it...

Well will pack up again this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Really sad to hear that... So much effort has been put in and in the end that bitch couple came to shatter the dream... Hope things will turn out to be better as times passes.