Sunday, July 22, 2007

headache again

Today, cloudy.

We supose to go for swim, end up need to attend personal stuff cease the plan.

Went Orchard with Josie. Need to get a pair of shoe, didnot see any good one untill saw a pair at TANGS. Too costly. Might be running back to RIVER ISLAND to get that 'expensive' one, is still cheaper than TANGS'. Anyway... don't wanna to talk about it. Some things I need to plan. Don't need some KPO women to talk and suggest. THANK BUT NO THANK.

Feeling not too good, cos never really spend time together. hate it. Abit angry.
moody with many things. too many. especailly to people who like to waste others time. I need to get my own stuff too.

Before I start, I just want to spend time. But NO.

Anyway, I am having headache.

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