Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Dinner, Italian style

Had booked a table at PERGO for my birthday dinner with Jacky. Just wanted to bring Jacky there because was my "childhood" eating place. I decided to buy him. (just that you always wanted to see what's this place.hahaha)

Nothing really changed for all this years - interior wise, however number of service staff drop and uniform changed. We had Pergo Salad (Jacky don;t really like it) and soup for a start. For main He had a pasta, I had a pork loin. Just want to eat PORK! hahaha. A table of 8 sang birthday song, a young boy having birthday dinner. Felt kind of envy, at such young age people pamper him and of cos with daddy and mummy around to celebrate. Nice and warm ya. Dinner was normal, just not as excited when younger. Think about it, I am no longer young...

After a over priced pasta and dry pork, we walk around the mall and drove to East Coast. Parked at my another childhood "big Splash" we had STARBUCKS. I had a hot green tea latte, Jacky had a mango freeze. WOW I seem to be a older one drinking hot drinks hahaha. And again here with a "new" group of strangers celebrating her birthday at STARBUCKS! Again birthday song!

Began to wonder, past few years no one really sing so loud and celebrate... why this year I met so many groups? :)
I had a dream, will it come true? In my dream, at least we will be happy and ever.

Anyway, simple and a nice night out. Thank. I am contented too.

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