Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thank guys!

Decided to meet up with my good buddies at SPHM, met up with Bernard and Jiayin at Orchard, around 3pm. We went coffee club for tea. Nice chatting with you guys and of cos all your "thoughtful" Birthday gift for me! Thank u thank U ^_^ The "GOLD" and the "lucky pet". You guys are so sweet! Hey I forget to take pictures with you guys! Jiayin never remind me! hahaha.

Around 5 plus meet up with Mr Er and Elki. Melvin join us for awhile and we off to meet some one special (I guess). Nice to meet up with you guys. After so long finally we see Derrick now! hahaha He was so busy. Nice to "gather" four of us together, hope we can go for oversea trip again soon ya. Miss those days.

Hey thank you all the birthday gifts you guys had gave to me! LOVELY :)

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