Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meet up with Classmatessss and old friendsss

Today I decided to meet up with Miss Goh, Stong (mum) and Douglas at Pargon... We had not see each other like yearsss i mean really really sometime. Hahaha Miss Goh "changed so so much. Now i guess she is better... interms of out look. hahaha. Our dear Max was not around. Wondering how and what he is doing now after he is back from New Zealand.

After 6plus Douglas need to go back, cos he is having dinner with his wife and kids. Tlak about kids, he already a father of TWO! wow thats fast, a girl and a boy... cute.

We had dinner at a shu shi place at Herren. Was simple and fun day... Well we chatted about our life... love... work.. passion... graphic.. seem Graphic most of us had lost some of the passion... Maybe that's real working life in Singapore... sad but true...

We took some pic.. most of it with my Stong MUM... hahaha

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