Sunday, December 17, 2006

X'mas Shopping in the rain

Wanted to meet Melvin at 3... Raining so heavy, ended up moving out from my place around 4plus. Road and pathway around my area was flooded. Melvin's and my feet were "soak"... Feeling lousy. No choice I had to drop by at Melvin's place to change a pair of socks and dry my dunk with his hair dryer.

By the time we reach Orchard Road, it's already 5plus. We want to Zara... bought some stuff. Met up with Andrew and Elki... We went Isetan-Wisma. I got mysef a G-Star Jeans. I know is very very expensive. After I found out I'm in their so called VIP list. I got a slight discount. I got a pair of Core Sec. $255 before less. hehee. Well wanted to get an extra G-Star carrier for Mel, but is "contro;" so only comes with one per pair of jeans or Jacket. Well too bad ya.
Melvin bough so many gifts for his friends at L'OCCITANE. He Spend so much about $320 just for those stuff! hahaha. We didn't even have time to sit down for a drink. So tiring!

Finally I ordered Oakley. The new one with Plastic side... I got the new colour Brown instead of black. Like it very MUCH! THANK U SO MUCH YA! love it!

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