Thursday, December 21, 2006

Packed packed

Afternoon, suddenly decided to go Orchard with Josie for her shopping trip. Josie wanted her ROYCE. We went to the Nee Ann branch. When we reached, there was a long queue. The sales told us they need to wait for the stock to come in before we can "place order". I think is really STUPID! We can please order, when stock comes we can pay for it right? Don't understand how they work... silly.

Planning to get something for Josie but did not came across anything nice.

Later part, met up with Derrick and Alfred at Herren. We had our drink at Spin... Rose joined us after work. That was about 10. Chat for awhile than head home. So humid today...NOT a NICE DAY to SHOP. Packed and warm! I need dry air! hahaha

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