Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well, is not hard for me to communicate in nicer way. Is just not the right time. U should know who I hang out with. And What usually I go for a drink. Is the same old gang. I Don't feel like talking especially I cannot get the stuff I always wanted. Because of many many reasons... So thinking of other ways... So I am doing measurement. Just NOT in the mood.

What you mean by " deprive us of such precious time. Is fine w me". If I know the way I will not be so F**King Moody!
I don't even want to bother you with all theses... I will find my ways.

It had been so many years, why can't you feel how i feel? Is not about getting the stuff or what... Just little things upset me. I know is not about life or death... but... I know I am learning to "BEHAVE RESPONSIBLY". I did. Actually all these years, I learning it day by day.

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